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Song Update.

2008-07-01 08:14:03 by xveedsx

Sorry I haven't posted any new content in a bit. I was just occupied from work, and a couple newer games I am addicted to( dungeon runners, and exteel...) So with this update, there is news about what the title relates to. A song update. Yay!

Alright, song 2 is about one minute and thirty seconds complete, and I still have some to go. It's a pretty up and down song, It's got some heavyness to it in the beginning then goes into a piano, then into a faster paced beat.

But, other than that, time to work!

Hey All.

2008-06-24 22:54:35 by xveedsx

So everybody knows I am new to NG. I've been coming to the site for years now, but just recently decided to get into producing my own beats. The first complete song is done (this is not a test) and I hope you enjoyed it (the other song is just a demo/test). Just so you know as well this is my FIRST WEEK producing music.

What inspires me:
Life to a lot of people are rocky roads. When your young, you become foolish, eager to be cool, or the wise kid. In most cases it gets you into trouble, and fast. That's what happened to me, and honestly, I don't regret it, because without being that eager, smart, "I can do what I feel like..." attitude kind of a kid, it set me straight. Although I was scared through most of it all, It made me stronger. So my music is based off of my life. It can be edgy, upbeat, smooth, and emotional(through some of it.)

So without further a due. Enjoy!